Custom Fabrication

  • We manufacture custom and standard glassware in both borosilicate and quartz glass as well as several exotic glasses  
  • We work from drawings, sketches, samples

Glassware Repair and Modification

  • We have extensive experience in repairing all types of scientific and industrial glassware  
  • We can modify existing glassware to suit your needs

Silverplating, Chemical Tempering and Plastic Safety Coating

  • We offer silverplating of glass vessels  
  • We offer plastic safety coating of glassware up to 12 gallon carboys in size
  • We offer chemical tempering of glassware up to 16" square X 8" deep

Complete CNC Machine Shop

  • We have a complete in-house CNC machine shop featuring a 4-axis Fadal milling machine, several lathes and TIG welder  
  • We make all our own custom tools to fabricate almost any kind of glassware  
  • We also offer machining services to complement our glassblowing service. We can make parts from almost any material

Precision Glass Grinding

  • We accurately and precisely grind points, flats, grooves and holes in borosilicate and quartz glass sheets and rods
  • We custom form and grind glass threads in any size and pitch

Custom Tooled Threads

  • We can form any GPI, GL or custom threads  in  borosilicate glass