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About Us

A leader in innovative custom scientific glassware

For 35 years, Killdee Scientific Glass has created a portfolio of the most challenging glassblowing projects for the scientific, industrial, pharmaceutical and defense communities. We also have executed the most imaginative designs envisioned by prominent artists.

Unparalleled experience in design and fabrication

We have extensive CAD, machining and tool-making experience which, coupled with advanced degrees in chemistry, give us unparalleled abilities to fabricate the most complex designs. We hold two U.S. patents for glassware.

Innovative technology

With a complete in-house CNC machine shop, we make all our own custom glass-forming tools, jigs and fixtures. We exclusively offer the ability to seamlessly weld borosilicate sheet glass into rectangular tanks. From tiny microcells to 200-liter reaction vessels, we cover all aspects of borosilicate and quartz fabrication.